About Me


Hi my name is Dana and I am a fashion and beauty enthusiast originally based out of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Here you will find posts on current fashions, pieces I have been loving, beauty trends, lifestyle posts, and a few observations here and there. Sharing my love for fashion with the world will forever put a smile on my face. I hope you all feel as happy as I do.

Along with fashion, my interests are decor as I intend to become an interior designer as well as musical theatre and horseback riding. On this site you will also find a few posts that describe and analyze costumes in addition to a few pieces on fairytales as well.

If you are looking for gift guides for the holiday season as well, you have come to the right place. As a final statement, feel free to share your own style with me through descriptions or images in the comments. I’m sure you all have wonderful taste.

Shine on ~xoxo Dana

Instagram: danalove1123

Email (for business inquires only) danaevann97@gmail.com

YouTube: Dana Evann or danabelle1123


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