It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (things to do in Manhattan during Christmas time)

Everyone knows that warm, uplifting feeling that comes along with each holiday season. Perhaps it is best to take advantage of every moment during the most wonderful time of the year. As Christmas approaches, there are so many fun things to do. Especially if you live in Manhattan like me.

Number One: Shopping

I know this is very cliche, however it’s a habit many of us are guilty of. In New York the variety is endless. You can find a range between street vendors to a designer’s showroom. There is something for everyone. Whether we can afford it or not, many of us love to visit Saks Fifth Avenue around the holidays. The set up is over the top and their window displays are mind blowing. Just stepping foot into Saks can instantly put anyone into the Christmas spirit. If you take a walk along Fifth Avenue, you will also come across a few affordable shops as well. My two favorites are Topshop and Sephora. Topshop is a British retailer and their merchandise is always trendy and decent quality. Sephora is any makeup enthusiast dream land, especially the Sephora on Fifth. This shop is the largest and most luxurious Sephora throughout New York. They carry the largest selection of brands and products along with having a unique ornate design. Perhaps, this is one of the best places to buy gifts for your beauty addicted friends. Around the holiday season, Sephora carries a large assortment of gift sets. These range from small lip sets, to massive beauty collections. We all know the most important part of holiday shopping is finding the best presents for others; although it’s perfectly acceptable to treat yourself too.

Number Two: Sightseeing

For those of us who live in the city or are lucky enough to visit during the Christmas season, you all know that there is a bit of magic around every corner. All over Manhattan, white lights glisten from trees to brighten the spirits of those around. Every few blocks there is always something exiting to see or do. Whether you like to admire the tree at Rockefeller Center, enjoy the winter village at Bryant Park, or skate at Wollman Rink, you will 100% find something to put you right at ease. If you just want to absorb the atmosphere, put on a warm peacoat and take a stroll around Central Park, Madison Avenue, Battery Park, or whatever pleases you. Personally I would avoid Time Square or Canal Street if I wanted a peaceful experience, but that’s just my opinion.

Number Three: Parties

There is always a party in the city whether it is just amongst you and your close friends or at a nightclub. The Manhattan nightlife is one of a kind. Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to dress your best, overdo the highlighter on your cheekbones, wear those stilettos, and have a night on the town. When the city glistens, the parties glisten too. That’s one of the most exiting parts of Christmas in the city. If you prefer to party amongst a small crowd, like a group of friends, Secret Santa is probably something you would want to participate in. That way the parties are geared towards the holidays and not similar to any other party thrown throughout the year. My honest opinion is to do whatever makes you happy and feel at ease whether that may be clubbing or hitting a bar downtown with a few friends, just do what you and your friends like.

Number Four: Leave

Take a trip to Connecticut, Long Island, or something. The city gets really crowed at this time of year and sometimes a break is very necessary. Believe me, take it from someone who lives in both Manhattan and Connecticut.



Chloe Fleur de Parfum

This holiday season I intend on purchasing a new fragrance. After testing many scents I fell in love with the Chloe Fleur de Parfum. I would describe the aroma as floral yet fresh. Unlike many other scents, this one does not fade to quickly. Therefore that shows good quality and justifies the price.

Perhaps the best place to purchase this product is Saks Fifth Avenue. Unlike many other stores, they are always in stock. When I went into Bergdorf Goodman multiple employees weren’t sure if they even carried it and the Chloe boutique on Madison Avenue only sells the original scent along with one other. Also going to Saks is always quite the experience. If I am paying a significant amount of money for a product, I would like to have a top notch experience. I am sure many of you can agree.

Here are all of Chloe’s fragrances. There is a very nice variety of scent types so whether you prefer something floral or clean, you are sure to find it.



Style Symbolism in Theatre: Love/Sick

This is one of the rare occasions where I’ll be discussing a somewhat personal experience on this site. Perhaps the only reason why I’m doing this is to show you a perfect example of how different styles or fashion statements can represent a particular meaning. Over the past weekend I took a trip back to my hometown to see a play that my younger brother was performing in. The show was called Love/Sick and it consisted of a series of vignettes all revolving around the same motif, romance.

Many of the characters portrayed in the vignettes wore an article of clothing that was red. As many of us know, red symbolizes love, temptation, and romance. On some characters it was more prominent than others. For example, my friend Alexandra played a character who was very open about her romantic feelings towards her significant other. She just so happened to be wearing a red dress as well to visually display her emotions. On the other hand, my brother’s character who was in a separate vignette, was trying to bring out the romance in his relationship so he wore a red t-shirt that slightly peeked through a white dress shirt.

Another important aspect of style symbolism that appeared in the vignette my brother performed in was the fact that he was not wearing a tie while his lover was. My brothers character was opening up to his significant other while his lover was holding back. His emotions were basically tied in. The tie represented contained feelings while the lack of a tie represented open feelings.

If any of you have the opportunity to see the play Love/Sick, make sure to look carefully because you will notice many examples of style symbolism.


Here is a photo of the cast and crew of Love/Sick. I do not own this image nor do I claim it as my own. By brother is the one in the second row wearing the white dress shirt.

Where did the Superstars go?

As the holiday season approaches my excitement rises. Many of us look forward to the  spirit, the music, the parties, and of course, the shopping! Don’t all of us beauty addicts love to check out Sephora’s holiday collections? Every year Sephora has a superstars set where they sell a collection of popular beauty products throughout the year. These sets usually include a variety of makeup products, an application tool, and often a mini fragrance. This year however, Sephora went a different route and to tell you the honest truth I am slightly disappointed.

This year Sephora is selling the Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted gift set. This set is priced the same as the Superstars sets have always been but the contents do not meet the same standards. Though each product is great individually, many of them are not suitable for a gift set. The Superstars sets contained products that were mostly suitable for everyone. Most of the products were colors that could suit many skin tones. However in the Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted set, many of these products are only suitable for just a few skinniness. In this set, they included a Nars: Creamy Concealer. I love this product, but having a concealer in a gift set is unfair because it won’t suit many skin tones. The color they included is the shade Custard which is light but is still to dark for me. They also included a Becca: Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed in the shade Moonstone. For many people including me it is the perfect color however, it is too light for many others. This set also includes a Benefit: Ka-Brow in the shade 3 which is a medium brown. Once again, this product would not suit many costumers including me. Not everyone has medium toned brown hair. A huge percentage of products in this set don’t suit many customers and it is unfair. Although there are a few products that do. This set also includes a Beauty Blender, a Kat Von D: Tattoo Liner, and a few other products that can suit many people. Still, the Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted gift set does not meet the standards of the previous Sephora The Superstars sets. Though not every color is those sets were perfect for everyone, the majority of them were versatile.

Here are some images of previous Superstars sets and the Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted gift set. I’m sure you will notice a difference.

Autumn Style in Manhattan


As the fall season comes to an end, I would like to share with you some of my autumn inspired outfits. Here you will find day looks perfect for a walk around Central Park, a Fifth Avenue shopping spree, a lunch date, you name it. As well as day looks, I’ve included some of my favorite night looks suitable for a night out at the clubs or a party.