Turn Anything into a Thing

At some point in our lives we have tried to or have seen others try to make something a “thing” whether it was something small like a phrase or something larger like a fashion statement or concept. A perfect example is when Gretchen fromĀ Mean Girls tried to make her made up phrase “so fetch” a thing. For those of you who have seen Mean Girls, it is clear that “fetch did not happen” in both the film and reality. However, in the fashion industry, any idea is possible. Therefore, anything can become a thing.

If the fashion industry had one rule, it would be to avoid anything too cliche. When it comes to visual merchandising in a high end environment, the ideas are always unique and non repetitive. With just a little imagination, someones wildest visions could become a reality.

This whole idea in the first place was triggered by the holiday window display in Bergdorf Goodman. Many customers were fascinated by their safari theme especially since it was unexpected and stood out from the Christmas displays in every other store. However, there was one window in particular that blew my mind. A mannequin was shown riding on a rabbits back. Whether it was weeks, months, or years before the display was created, someone had a vision of a human “bunny back riding”. After developing their idea, Bergdorf Goodman was able to turn someone’s vision into a reality. Therefore, “bunny back riding” became a thing even though technically it is physically impossible.

Turning an idea into a “thing” works for more than just the fashion industry. If you have a spectacular vision, work on it and see where it brings you. Perhaps it will become a reality.

The display at Bergdorf Goodman