Barneys: Madison Avenue vs Chelsea


Recently I came across a reflection I wrote whilst studying in Manhattan. It compaired the Barneys in the Upper East Side to the Barney’s down in Chelsea. I found the differences to be quite fascinating and worth sharing with all of you. For those who have been to both stores, the difference in the atmosphere is rather interesting.

Barneys, Uptown vs Downtown

Barneys is a multi brand high end retailer in New York City. Barneys has two locations; these being the original on Madison Avenue and downtown in Chelsea. Though they are both the same store, the atmosphere is very different in each shop.

The Barneys on Madison Avenue is very glamorous. When you first enter the shop you are serenaded by an array of fragrances and hundreds of handbags catch your eye. As you walk around the main floor, you can see handbag after handbag with hints of sparkling jewelry thrown in between. To the average customer this may come across as overwhelming. The majority of the handbags are placed on glass shelves (that do fall down and shatter on occasion). Though the sight is aesthetically pleasing, the bags do blend in with their surroundings. On the main floor, warm sophisticated tones are used on the walls and the floors are dark tile. The shoe department resembles any other shoe department from a high end shop. The shoes are displayed on tables, not shelves or racks. There is also elegant grey seating placed accordingly so customers can sit while trying on shoes. On the floors where clothing is sold the setup is very simple. All the clothes are displayed in a very neat manner. The display of clothing primarily gives of a monochromatic vibe. Most of the colors tend to be on the darker side. Though the staff is not rude or unhelpful, they aren’t very friendly. In general, the Upper East Side tends to give off an exclusive vibe, therefore the uptown Barneys does the same. Each department is separate and closed off from one another. Even the restaurant is hidden behind closed glass doors to give off an exclusive feel. It is clear that the Barney’s on Madison Avenue is geared towards the stereotypical Upper East Side consumer. These customers tend to be older, on the conservative side, and sophisticated. Since the Upper East Side is known as an expensive and exclusive place to live, the people who shop on the Upper East Side expect that kind of atmosphere. Therefore Barneys on Madison Avenue caters to their needs.

On the other hand, the Barneys in Chelsea is rather different. The vibe there is more laid back, inclusive, and artsy opposed to the classy and exclusive environment of the Madison Avenue location. The entrance to the Chelsea Barney’s is not as grand and overwhelming. The set up is minimalistic with white walls and handbags displayed not in clusters. This way the customers can clearly see each handbag without looking at many bags at once. To a young customer, this is more appealing because they can choose quickly and the setup is more artistic. The young customers are also less conservative than the older ones so they are more drawn to color and embellishments. While I was at the uptown Barneys, I noticed a simple elephant bag. Downtown they sold the same bag but with piercings and gages. That would only be appealing to a young customer. Also at the downtown Barneys, the clothes tend to be a lot more colorful and some are even sports themed. Since Chelsea tends to be an artsy neighborhood in Manhattan, Chelsea shoppers want an artistic experience. Therefore the shop is set up to their needs. Even the furniture has an artistic set up. The same elegant grey tufted chairs are used, however they are set up in abstract clusters. This gives off an inclusive vibe where customers can all sit together unlike the setup at the uptown Barneys were each seat is separate. Along with the uptown Barneys, the downtown Barneys has a restaurant as well. However, unlike the other, this restaurant has an open setting giving off an inclusive vibe. Not only is the physical set up more inclusive, the attitude is too. The staff members at the Chelsea Barneys are a lot friendlier. They are always welcoming and are willing to help any customer no matter their class/status. The downtown Barneys is far more inclusive than the uptown Barneys because the majority of downtown shoppers are younger and prefer that kind of environment. In a Ted Ed that we previously watched in class, we learned that millennials prefer inclusivity while generation x members prefer exclusivity. Younger customers are also searching for an an avant garde atmosphere as well. Therefore the downtown Barneys caters to their needs.

Back to the present

Though I find both Barneys to be rather exquisite, I have to say that I am a little biased to the Upper East Side so the Barneys on Madison Avenue is the winner for me. By the way…I earned a 100 on this assignment.

Shine on ~xoxo Dana


Making it Shine: The Highlighting Trend


In 2016 the biggest makeup trend was contouring, now in 2017 the trend reversed. Highlighting is shining brighter than ever…literally.

Within the past few months, many brands both high end and drug store have released a variety of highlighters. These include single powders, illuminators, liquid drops, creams, stick, and of course palettes.

Perhaps the two brands that made this trend skyrocket are Anastasia Beverly Hills and Becca Cosmetics. Anastasia created the legendary Glow Kits whilst Becca teamed up with YouTuber Jaclyn Hill and created the iconic Champagne Pop single highlighter.

When these products hit the shelves, the consumers went wild, thus the highlighting era began.

In the beginning, natural skin flattering colors such as champagnes, whites, and golds sold the best, however, the start of 2017 brought in the start to holographic highlighters.

Kat Von D started this trend with her Alchemist Holographic Palette. This kit was created to be used as both highlighters and eyeshadows. With this palette, you can choose colors based on your own skin tone to enhance your natural features whilst adding a glow. This product includes four different shades and retails for 32 dollars at Sephora.

This year, liquid highlighters are making quite a presence as well. The Iconic London Illuminator Drops is a product that I am dying to try. The pigmentation appears to be very strong and this product is very versatile. Not only can this product be used straight onto your cheek bones or any area you wish to highlight, you can use the dropper to mix it in with your favorite foundation or concealer to create a natural glow.

Another liquid highlighter that I recommend trying is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter. This product comes in many shades and it perfect if you want to achieve a nice dewy finish.

Finally, for those who are either new to highlighting, or are looking for a great value, I highly recommend the Anastasia Glow Kits. This kits range from four to six colors per set and these powders can also double as highlighters. Anastasia has released a wide variety of Glow Kits ranging from fair cool colors, to more intense hues. These include Gleam, That Glow, Sun Dipped, Sweets, Moonchild, Ultimate Glow, and the brand new Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit.

Here are all the highlighters I mentioned along with a few others I recommend.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Glow Kits  These are great for someone who wants a good value.


Becca: Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter Perfect for someone who wants a very pigmented highlight. The texture is very smooth and non flakey. This also comes in a wide variety of neutral shades along with a brand new Prismatic Amethyst shade.


Becca: Shimmering Skin Perfecter Liquid Highlighter This product gives off a nice dewy finish and comes in the same colors as the pressed formula.


Kat Von D: Alchemist Holographic Palette This palette has four highly pigmented holographic shades. Can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow, and can be applied on the lips.


Iconic London: Illuminating Drops Perhaps the most pigmented of them all. These drops can be mixed into foundation, concealer, moisturizer, primer, you name it. You can also apply this product directly onto the areas you want to highlight.



Too Faced: Love Light Absolutely gorgeous inside and out.


Benefit: Watts Up A very smooth cream to powder stick highlighter with a very simple application. Only comes in one champagne color.



Shine On ~Dana


Pink and Fluffy

One of my latest fashion finds has been the Pink Pressed Faux Fur Coat from Missguided. It brings sense of London to this quaint Connecticut town. Wherever I go whether it may be for a walk or out with friends, I always get stopped by strangers, both young and old, both male and female, commenting on this coat.

As of now, faux fur coats are seen in more urban settings. Whist living in Manhattan, I saw them on every street corner, every side walk, and every path in Central Park. Here in Connecticut, it is a rare sighting, but still triggers a smile, not a strange look. Overtime, I put the coat on, at least one person asks to touch it throughout my day.

Soon enough, this urban trend will be seen in the suburbs, and my furry pink coat will blend amongst the others. IMG_5847.JPG


Embroidered Footwear

Shortly before the start of 2017, quick glimpses of spring trends started to appear online and in stores.

One trend that particularly caught my eye are embroidered shoes. These patterns were floral for the most part. Colors like pink and red are used the most, but yellows and creams are pretty prominent as well. Another pattern that caught my eye was a bumble bee print on a pair of black suede platforms.

Topshop and many other British retailers sell a wide variety of embroidered merchandise other than just shoes. Floral embroidery is becoming popular not only on shoes, but on jackets and jeans as well.

As of now, this trend is literally blossoming in Europe and is circulating the internet. Soon enough, people will be seen on every street corner following this beautiful trend.



Manhattan Will Always Be There

At the end of August, I made the best mistake of my life. That mistake was moving to Manhattan. A few days prior to Christmas, I made the worst mistake of my life though it was only for the good. That was leaving Manhattan.

The only reason why I would ever classify moving to Manhattan as a mistake was that it raised my standards and expectations on everything. The scenery, the atmosphere, the night life, the activities, and even the food, no other place in the United States will ever compare to the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Whilst living in New York, I made some of the best memories. Not only did I make incredible friends, I had some unforgettable experiences. The memories of clubbing, exploring, and meeting Niall Horan will always make me smile.

Now that I am back in Connecticut, I realized how high my standards have been set. No longer can I go out and get take out at 2 am or go get a cocktail when I want one. There is no Central Park here within walking distance to explore. Also, don’t even get me started on the lack of style around here.

Moving on…

No matter how much I miss living in the city, I always remind myself how fortunate I am to live within a short distance away. Manhattan will always be there for me whenever I want to go back. Someday, I hope to be able to call the Upper East Side my home once again. IMG_5794