Making it Shine: The Highlighting Trend


In 2016 the biggest makeup trend was contouring, now in 2017 the trend reversed. Highlighting is shining brighter than ever…literally.

Within the past few months, many brands both high end and drug store have released a variety of highlighters. These include single powders, illuminators, liquid drops, creams, stick, and of course palettes.

Perhaps the two brands that made this trend skyrocket are Anastasia Beverly Hills and Becca Cosmetics. Anastasia created the legendary Glow Kits whilst Becca teamed up with YouTuber Jaclyn Hill and created the iconic Champagne Pop single highlighter.

When these products hit the shelves, the consumers went wild, thus the highlighting era began.

In the beginning, natural skin flattering colors such as champagnes, whites, and golds sold the best, however, the start of 2017 brought in the start to holographic highlighters.

Kat Von D started this trend with her Alchemist Holographic Palette. This kit was created to be used as both highlighters and eyeshadows. With this palette, you can choose colors based on your own skin tone to enhance your natural features whilst adding a glow. This product includes four different shades and retails for 32 dollars at Sephora.

This year, liquid highlighters are making quite a presence as well. The Iconic London Illuminator Drops is a product that I am dying to try. The pigmentation appears to be very strong and this product is very versatile. Not only can this product be used straight onto your cheek bones or any area you wish to highlight, you can use the dropper to mix it in with your favorite foundation or concealer to create a natural glow.

Another liquid highlighter that I recommend trying is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter. This product comes in many shades and it perfect if you want to achieve a nice dewy finish.

Finally, for those who are either new to highlighting, or are looking for a great value, I highly recommend the Anastasia Glow Kits. This kits range from four to six colors per set and these powders can also double as highlighters. Anastasia has released a wide variety of Glow Kits ranging from fair cool colors, to more intense hues. These include Gleam, That Glow, Sun Dipped, Sweets, Moonchild, Ultimate Glow, and the brand new Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit.

Here are all the highlighters I mentioned along with a few others I recommend.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Glow Kits  These are great for someone who wants a good value.


Becca: Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter Perfect for someone who wants a very pigmented highlight. The texture is very smooth and non flakey. This also comes in a wide variety of neutral shades along with a brand new Prismatic Amethyst shade.


Becca: Shimmering Skin Perfecter Liquid Highlighter This product gives off a nice dewy finish and comes in the same colors as the pressed formula.


Kat Von D: Alchemist Holographic Palette This palette has four highly pigmented holographic shades. Can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow, and can be applied on the lips.


Iconic London: Illuminating Drops Perhaps the most pigmented of them all. These drops can be mixed into foundation, concealer, moisturizer, primer, you name it. You can also apply this product directly onto the areas you want to highlight.



Too Faced: Love Light Absolutely gorgeous inside and out.


Benefit: Watts Up A very smooth cream to powder stick highlighter with a very simple application. Only comes in one champagne color.



Shine On ~Dana



Chloe Fleur de Parfum

This holiday season I intend on purchasing a new fragrance. After testing many scents I fell in love with the Chloe Fleur de Parfum. I would describe the aroma as floral yet fresh. Unlike many other scents, this one does not fade to quickly. Therefore that shows good quality and justifies the price.

Perhaps the best place to purchase this product is Saks Fifth Avenue. Unlike many other stores, they are always in stock. When I went into Bergdorf Goodman multiple employees weren’t sure if they even carried it and the Chloe boutique on Madison Avenue only sells the original scent along with one other. Also going to Saks is always quite the experience. If I am paying a significant amount of money for a product, I would like to have a top notch experience. I am sure many of you can agree.

Here are all of Chloe’s fragrances. There is a very nice variety of scent types so whether you prefer something floral or clean, you are sure to find it.



Where did the Superstars go?

As the holiday season approaches my excitement rises. Many of us look forward to the  spirit, the music, the parties, and of course, the shopping! Don’t all of us beauty addicts love to check out Sephora’s holiday collections? Every year Sephora has a superstars set where they sell a collection of popular beauty products throughout the year. These sets usually include a variety of makeup products, an application tool, and often a mini fragrance. This year however, Sephora went a different route and to tell you the honest truth I am slightly disappointed.

This year Sephora is selling the Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted gift set. This set is priced the same as the Superstars sets have always been but the contents do not meet the same standards. Though each product is great individually, many of them are not suitable for a gift set. The Superstars sets contained products that were mostly suitable for everyone. Most of the products were colors that could suit many skin tones. However in the Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted set, many of these products are only suitable for just a few skinniness. In this set, they included a Nars: Creamy Concealer. I love this product, but having a concealer in a gift set is unfair because it won’t suit many skin tones. The color they included is the shade Custard which is light but is still to dark for me. They also included a Becca: Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed in the shade Moonstone. For many people including me it is the perfect color however, it is too light for many others. This set also includes a Benefit: Ka-Brow in the shade 3 which is a medium brown. Once again, this product would not suit many costumers including me. Not everyone has medium toned brown hair. A huge percentage of products in this set don’t suit many customers and it is unfair. Although there are a few products that do. This set also includes a Beauty Blender, a Kat Von D: Tattoo Liner, and a few other products that can suit many people. Still, the Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted gift set does not meet the standards of the previous Sephora The Superstars sets. Though not every color is those sets were perfect for everyone, the majority of them were versatile.

Here are some images of previous Superstars sets and the Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted gift set. I’m sure you will notice a difference.