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Floral Autumn Look in the City


Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to visit my old school for an academic award. That meant a day trip to Manhattan! I wore a navy blue floral dress from Topshop with white tulips to the ceremony. Above are a few images.

After the ceremony, I went down Fifth Avenue to Topshop. There I purchased a few dresses and the brand new and highly sought after Past Time Check Mini Skirt. A rather gorgeous piece which is now a personal favorite of mine. After looking around the shop, on the city streets, and through social media, it is clear that this season the flowers don’t have to wilt come fall. This autumn, floral embroidery is making strides.  It doesn’t matter that flowers only bloom in the warm months. Why not bring in some color, warmth, and sunshine into the colder seasons?

My prediction is that this trend will still be in full force around Christmas time as well!

End of Summer-Pre Autumn Photo Shoot

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As the summer of 17 comes to an end, its time to make the autumn transition. What better way to do that than having and end of summer/pre-fall photo shoot? Here I am featuring some pieces light enough for the summer months but with a few warm autumn tones thrown in. Thank you to the amazing Katie Raynor for the session. Here are a few highlights!

Velvet Top: Topshop

Matching Velvet Scarf: Topshop

Sweater: I don’t know….

Shorts: BooHoo

Sandals: Michael Kors

Necklace: Tiffany and Co.

And Everything Was Ragtime…

Over the summer I had a wonderful time playing a New Rochelle citizen in the musical Ragtime. Though the show is brilliant beyond belief and relates to many current events, I’m just going to focus on the fashion for now.

Not to be bias, but the New Rochelle ensemble had the best costumes by far over the Harlem, and Immigrant ensemble. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, it takes place at the turn of the 20th century. Therefore, we dressed in early 1900’s fashions.  The women of the New Rochelle ensemble portrayed a stunning array of pastel dresses, skirts, and hats whilst the men wore light colored suits. During the number “Atlantic City” all the women of New Rochelle wore white dresses and the men wore muted pale blue suits. Personally my Atlantic City dress was my favorite costume in the entire show and I was lucky enough to get to wear it. My dress was an antique wedding gown with gorgeous beading and detailing.

Above is a photo of the entire cast in full costume along with a few of some New Rochelle and Atlantic City dresses.

Everyone in the show did an absolutely phenomenal job and it was a pleasure working with every single one of them!

Shine on xx


Polyvore is a site where you can do more than just discover fashion trends, pieces, and ideas, but you can put your own collage sets together. These sets may include, clothes, beauty products, decor, or anything else you desire. One can also use their own images in a set along with adding music of their choice.

This site is great for those who love designing layout or want to practice putting outfits together.

Here are a few of my sets.

You can check out the rest here

Autumn Style in Manhattan


As the fall season comes to an end, I would like to share with you some of my autumn inspired outfits. Here you will find day looks perfect for a walk around Central Park, a Fifth Avenue shopping spree, a lunch date, you name it. As well as day looks, I’ve included some of my favorite night looks suitable for a night out at the clubs or a party.